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Alpha Disco Beta

ECHOSYSTEM ; Alpha Disco Beta, January 2008

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sketchshow #1

January, 2008

Friday, January 4, 2008

Magic Spells

July, 2007

Magic, sometimes known as sorcery, is a conceptual system that asserts human ability to control the natural world (including events, objects, people, and physical phenomena) through mystical, paranormal or supernatural means.


Photo taken for Fabric! Mag promotion, February 2007

Fluorescence is a luminescence that is mostly found as an optical phenomenon in cold bodies, in which the molecular absorption of a photon triggers the emission of another photon with a longer wavelength. The energy difference between the absorbed and emitted photons ends up as molecular vibrations or heat. Usually the absorbed photon is in the ultraviolet range, and the emitted light is in the visible range, but this depends on the absorbance curve and Stokes shift of the particular fluorophore. Fluorescence is named after the mineral fluorite, composed of calcium fluoride, which often exhibits this phenomenon.

...and hurray! my first noise curation : neon nights!


One of my character in Forked (a book i'm working on)

Kissing Gustav Klimt

The Kiss (original Der Kuss) was painted by Gustav Klimt, and is probably his most famous work. It depicts a couple shrouded in gold and symbols sharing a kiss against a bland background.

The man is standing, bending over to kiss the woman who is kneeling on a patch of flowers and seems to be accepting the kiss, rather than actively participating. The portion of gold covering the man is covered with mostly rectangular, black and white shapes, while the woman's portion seems to be dotted with bunches of flowers.

Cory Kennedy

Illustration inspired from one of her photos in Dazed and Confused

Between Romance and Fiction#3

Birth of The Death

Death is the end of the life of a biological organism. Death may refer to the end of life as either an event or condition.

The Dream Walker

Dreams are the images, thoughts and feelings experienced while asleep, particularly strongly associated with Rapid eye movement sleep. The contents and purpose of dreams are poorly understood, though they have been a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history.

Between Romance and Fiction#2


Rosebud is the bud of a rose flower.

Photo Booth

Me and My Imagination

DP Tees

T-Shirt Design for D.P. FSRD ITB

VivaViper Nxcklxcx!

Between Romance and Fiction#1

The Old Drama, 2007

Drama is the specific mode of fiction represented in performance. It is derived from a Greek word meaning "action" (Classical Greek δράμα), derived from "to do" (Classical Greek δράω).

Fuck Fairytale, 2007

A fairy tale or fairy story is a fictional story that usually features folkloric characters (such as fairies, goblins, elves, trolls, witches, giants, and talking animals) and enchantments, often involving a far-fetched sequence of events.


VivaViper & VivaVixen / Playgrrroung

SUPER Series

The After Dark, 2007

Darkness is the absence of light. Scientifically it is only possible to have a reduced amount of light. The emotional response to an absence of light has inspired metaphor in literature, symbolism in art, and emphasis.

The Inner Light, 2007

Light is electromagnetic radiation of a wavelength that is visible to the human eye (about 400–700 nm). In a scientific context, the word light is sometimes used to refer to the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Light is composed of an elementary particle called a photon.


illustration for Fabric! Magazine
1st Issue : Metronomic Underground
January, 2007

B&W Series

Mr. Sand-Witch / All Cats are Grey / Catch a Mirror / The Owls Go

Trax Pamer 2007

VIVAVIPER for Trax Pamer
July 30, 2007

The Beginning


Coulrophobia is an abnormal or exaggerated fear of clowns.
Sufferers sometimes acquire a fear of clowns after having a bad experience with one personally, or seeing a sinister portrayal of one in the media.

and yes, clowns will eat you dear :)

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